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Resurfacing vs Replacement

This is a specific process (As seen on Selling Houses Australia and endorsed by Resurfacing Australia) which uses a hardwearing, durable coating to resurface rather than replace. It is a process that is dry in 4 hours – giving you a quicker turnover, and costs up to 70% less than replacement. This then means more to your business’s bottom line.

Whether a project is already complete or you have other projects on the horizon, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss future options that could assist your company improve its profits. We are currently working with Organisations and Property Maintenance Companies to assist their clients with budget options for renovations.

Is the face of your business as attractive as it should be?

Consider Commercial Resurfacing

Resurfacing  Office Countertops and Reception Desks is definitely the faster, more affordable way to update your Business premises.  It is done professionally with our superior quality products. They leave a durable finish that looks fresh and clean for years to come.  Resurfacing your commercial spaces is an affordable and stylish alternative when your business premises need a lift. It may just tired with outdated colours. Your surfaces can be transformed like new and costs so much less compared to full replacement. This means more to your bottom line.

Our coating is hot water tolerant, UV resistant, and the hardest result developed to date. The faux granite finish compliments the modern look. Cabinets are normally painted, so are the fixed panels. You can save a lot of time and money by not pulling them all out. Instead simply Resurface what is already there. Within a couple of days the front face of your business can project the image you want it to. We leave virtually no mess, just a brand new space ready for use.

Resurfacing Counter tops and Reception Desks can done in a choice of colours and finishes including:

  • High Gloss
  • Low Gloss Satin
  • Ultra Low Gloss Matte

Resurfacing Bench tops are our specialty. We also offer a huge range of colours to suit your decor. Your bench top colours can be chosen from 28 of our versatile “Flintsonte II” samples which display our Faux Granite finish. This is especially useful for Business properties where time and cost is of the essence. Your business logo can be included in any of our custom designs. Durable finishes mean a longer lasting surface for many years.

Watch this space for our upcoming commercial projects.

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